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Kim & Kimmy - New Born Diapers, up to 5kg, Qty 32

⭐️ Back in Stock!

At Kim & Kimmy, your priorities are ours: that’s why we’ve developed a line of stylish diapers that do the job!

✅ No Leak Guarantee! Simply no more leaky diapers.

✅ Responsibly sourced (FSC certified) to maintain high quality AND sustainable manufacturing!

✅ Cruelty Free AND Vegan!

✅ Five Hand-Crafted LIMITED Designs. (Once designs are sold they will never be available again)

✅ Ultra-Thin.

✅ Incredibly Soft.

Up to 12 hours of extreme-leak protection to keep you and your little one worry-free.

Your baby can relax now with Kim & Kimmy, the diaper that does its job.

reviews kim and kimmyKim & Kimmy is your personal best-friend to achieve what, until now, parents only used to dream of.

An easy, healthy and wonderful stress-free parenting experience without any of the messy downside. 

Our diapers are designed to be comfortable yet secure to ensure a tight and breathable fit and our wetness indicator that tells you exactly when your little one needs a change. 

No more cleaning up because of leaky diapers.

Kim & Kimmy diapers come with a 3D magic leg-cuff that will ensure absolutely no leaks and maximum absorption. 

The days of cleaning up explosive diapers are over now. 


Find the perfect size for your little one.


Designs are LIMITED. Shop now.



  • 35,000+ 5-Star Reviews

    Over 53,050 parents have chosen Kim & Kimmy, the go-to brand for quality and care.

    Leak-Free design for stress-free parenting

    Soft and breathable material for delicate skin

    Cruelty free and vegan because we care

    Choose from 5 limited-edition styles

    The preferred choice for baby care worldwide

    Same Day Delivery

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Limited-Time Offer

Your priorities are ours: That is why we have developed a line of baby products that do the job

Upgrade your baby's comfort to a whole new level. Kim & Kimmy – where quality, and style meet.

For parents who demand excellence, find baby wipes, diapers, pants, and swim pants that match your dedication to your baby's happiness and health.

Why Choosing Kim&Kimmy?

Happier babies and a happier you from the first Kim & Kimmy use.

Good for your little one, good for the planet and good for you.

Vegan & eco-friendly certified.

Limited-Time Deal:

Save Up To 15% Off

Choose your bundle and save big on your first order. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.



+ FREE Shipping!

10-Pack (20 Servings)

5x Beef Bone Broth

5x Chicken Bone Broth

One-Time Delivery

FREE Shipping



30-Day Money Back Guarantee



+ FREE Shipping!

16-Pack (32 Servings)

4x Beef Bone Broth

4x Chicken Bone Broth

4x Mushroom Chicken

4x Turmeric Ginger

One-Time Delivery

FREE Shipping



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Our Customers Say

They are truly amazing absorbent diapers. They do not cause an unpleasant odor and have a distinctive shape and are very light.

Maryam Albaloooshe

Verified Buyer

10/10 from this mama
Extremely good quality diapers that ticks all the boxes in terms of softness, slimness, patterns and absorbancy. 10/10

Shruti Menon

Verified Buyer

A very happy customer:)
Super absorbent, super soft! Zero leaks! My baby was super comfortable and no rashes! Will definitely be purchasing them again!

Jalormi Vaishnav

Verified Buyer

Kim & Kimmy vs. Other Brands

We are obsessed with making the highest quality and most nutrient dense bone broth. We don't cut corners and we don't sell anything less than our quality standard, which is higher than all of our competitors.

Other "GREAT" 😅 Diapers

Clean, organic ingredients

Bulky design that restricts movement

Delicious and savory flavor

May irritate the baby skin

Crafted by our world-class chef

No unique designs

No more leaks & rashes

Leaks & rashes

No hormones or antibiotics

Artifical flavors and emulsifiers

Trusted by Health Experts

"Why I stick with Kim&Kimmy? They never let my families down. Their diapers and pull ups are well known for no leaks, nor rashes.I recommend them to parents and nurseries alike, confident in their ability to support the practical aspects of parenting."

- Expert Principal Lisa

"Kim & Kimmy has successfully captured the essence of motherhood by offering products that blend practicality, safety, and style. I recommend Kim & Kimmy to fellow mothers who seek excellence in baby care without compromising on their own convenience and peace of mind."

- Dr. Lama Alsharif

"As a dedicated pediatric physiotherapist, I am always on the lookout for baby products that align with my commitment to promoting healthy development and well-being in little ones. I recommend Kim & Kimmy to all parents."

-Dr. Yasmine Craine

Dermatology Approved

By UAE and international authorities

No Nasty Ingredients

No latex chlorine lotions or fragrance

Ultra - Thin Tech Diapers

Extra comfort for your baby

Money - Back Guarantee

No questions asked

Free Exchange

If any pack ever becomes small (Unopened packs only)

The Baby Brand That Does Its Job

Discover pure comfort and style with our premium wipes, swim pants and diapers. Dermatologically approved, free from nasties, and designed for your baby's happiness.✨

Ultra Soft Diapers

Unique 3D absorbency technology to guarantee no leaks.

Superior Swim Pants

Elevate your baby's comfort with the best pant-style diapers ever!

Pure & Refreshing Wipes

Level up your baby's skin care with our organic coconut baby wet wipes.

The #1 Choice For Baby Care

See Why 1 million parents trust Kim & Kimmy

Finally, A Dry Night For Us

We were desperate to find a diaper that actually didn't leak, especially during the night when everyones sleep gets disturbed. I am so thrilled that my friend recommended Kim&Kimmy diapers to us, they are incredible, so soft and we got our dry nights (and days) back!

- Caroline K.S.

Growing Up With Kim&Kimmy

We are growing with this Kim&Kimmy. In the beginning, I used well-known diapers and noticed that they left friction and leakage. And when I tried Kim Kimmy, I was completely delighted. They are very light, comfortable, do not have an allergic reaction. Just perfect diapers.

- A.K.

The Best Diapers For My Baby!

I use to buy another brand until in the nursery my baby came with a Kim and Kimmy. After one, we forgot about diaper rushes and leaks. I love Kim and Kimmys!

- Christian I.

Comfort and Style in One Pack

Shop With Confidence

Is Your Baby Doing Everything That it Wants To Do, Or Is It Holding Off Due to Discomfort? Try Kim & Kimmy And If You Can't Tell The Difference We'll Refund You In Full.No Questions Asked.



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